Why yoga is good for health

Yogis, or people who practice yoga, often seem to live healthier lives than those who don’t practice this tradition. While a lot of people see yoga as simply trying to bend your body in a myriad of ways, yoga actually has a number of health benefits that go beyond simply becoming more flexible. Traditionally, yoga was a way of life that included not only the physical aspect that you may be familiar with but also healthy eating habits and kinder ways of interacting with others.

Yoga boosts confidence

Again, this goes beyond the kind of confidence that you will gain when you finally master a tricky pose. Although being confident in your physical abilities is a good thing, yoga actually relaxes your mind. You feel less anxious, and in turn, become more confident not only about your mental abilities but also about your physical body. Combine that with the flexibility and muscles you’ll develop when practicing yoga, and it’s a combination for a confident outlook.

Yoga will lower your blood pressure and encourage better breathing

For people who suffer from high blood pressure and shallow breathing starting a yoga practice can mean the difference in being able to enjoy life and feeling too ill to do so. The deep breathing techniques that you use when holding poses in yoga translate over to everyday life. You’ll strengthen your lungs and train them to hold more air. Because of this you’re less likely to get winded when performing day to day tasks. And the lower blood pressure? Calm yoga and meditation have been proven to lower blood pressure by slowing down your heart rate.

When you practice yoga you’ll develop better posture

This is related to the flexibility that you’ll gain as a result of practicing yoga. Along with your improved flexibility will come stronger back and abdominal muscles. All the time that you spend hunched over your computer at work can be combated by strengthening your body. You’ll feel a world of difference in how you walk, sit, and carry yourself.

With all of the benefits that a regular yoga practice provides, it makes sense to add a yoga routine to your daily self-care. You can practice yoga anywhere – in your living room, in a class, or on a mountain. No matter where you practice it you’re taking steps to creating a healthier life.